When I changed my diet to help recover from a chronic illness, mineral broth and bone broth played a large role in getting key nutrients back into my body. After making homemade stock year after year I found a simple way to make a nutrient-rich, mineral broth that’s easy and the best part is you don’t have to buy more food to make it! You can make it with vegetables only or add your favorite bones from another leftover meal. All you need is 1 large stainless steel stock pot, 1 large stainless steel or glass bowl, leftover vegetable scraps, leftover bones or meat carcass, raw apple cider vinegar, ziploc bags (gallon and quart size), soup ladle and wire mesh strainer. Electric roaster oven is optional.


  • 1-2 gallon sized bags of vegetable scraps (carrots, onions, celery, etc.)
  • Leftover bones or carcass from chicken or other meat (optional)
  • raw apple cider vinegar